How to Challenge Yourself at Work

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We are faced with challenges every day in our careers. One way to maintain job security and mental stimulation is to challenge yourself daily at the workplace. There are many ways to instigate a challenging, yet fun, situation. A challenge does not always have to be a bad thing. You may even start to look forward to solving complex problems or overcoming obstacles. Not only will your skills increase, but so will your chances of a promotion.

Immerse yourself in job responsibilities that frequently change in their content and setting. It is easy to become stuck in a rut when it comes to daily activities. By nature, you become comfortable in your settings and don’t necessarily look forward to drastic changes. However, being content in the workspace is no means of advancing your career. You need to take on tasks that are normally not expected of you. You should look for projects or opportunities that reap great rewards by putting yourself out there. If you maintain accountability for your endeavors, your career is on the right path.

Start working well under pressure. Bosses and management constantly evaluate how their employees work in pressure-filled environments. It is important that you have the ability to work under tense circumstances but also maintain the same level of quantity and quality that is normally expected of you. If you prove that you can work under pressure, your boss is more likely to provide you with bigger projects that can lead to a promotion.

Get a little competitive. Being competitive at work could be a tricky mountain to climb. You want to come off as curious and eager, not aggressive and intimidating. Competition brings out the best in many, but it can also quickly bring out the worst. You need to find the balance between your desire to succeed and your tendency to make other people look bad. When your boss or supervisor witnesses your competitive nature, they are likely to be impressed by your self-motivating ability to succeed.

Claim your career independence. Some people tend to rely on others to handle situations or projects for them. If you want to challenge yourself, take on initiatives without the assistance of others. Develop sufficient skills and expertise to prevent sole reliance on your co-workers. However, you still need to maintain a "team success" attitude while independently accomplishing a task. You must also be prepared to accept sole responsibility for failure. There is no blaming the other guy if you are the only one assigned to a task.


Embrace the need to move from task to task without warning.


Don't be overeager that you "step" all over fellow employees.