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How to Install a Commercial Dishwasher

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How to Install a Commercial Dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers come in a variety of sizes, from under cabinet models to the very large conveyor models used in large operations. A commercial dishwasher uses the same basic connections as a home dishwasher but requires more skill to assemble including basic plumbing and wiring skills.

Set the assembled dishwasher into place and identify the drain and hot water intake. Attach the drain line with a hose clamp and secure the hose to the drainpipe.

Connect the hot water hose to the hot water valve and tighten it down on both ends. Turn the water on to test for leaks or loose washers.

Turn the electricity off at the fuse box and locate the wire panel. Remove the cover and pull out the wire bundle. Connect the ground wire to the green nut inside the panel first. Use wire nuts to connect the white wires, then the black wire and then place a dab of silicon gel into the wire nuts to prevent damage from water.

Level the commercial dishwasher's main unit by rotating the feet on each leg. Once the main unit is level, continue by leveling the feeder and conveyor counters.

Switch the power on at the breaker and run a test cycle. Verify the water is reaching the manufacturer's temperature recommendation by placing a thermometer inside the dishwasher bay.

Load the dishwashing chemicals into the soap hopper and open the valve at the bottom of the hopper to fill the line. Run a final test cycle while looking for leaks, drain overflow and loose parts.


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