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How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Kansas

Bail is, by definition, monies or property provided by an individual or firm as a surety to the defendant's return to court at a specific time on a specific day. Bail also entails the responsibility that whomever provides the money or property will be liable if the defendant does not return. A necessary function of the court systems today, bail serves the purpose of letting a defendant walk free for a duration of time. The bail amounts are often in excess of what a defendant can pay, which opens up a niche market for bail bondsmen.
At one time, Kansas had a number of legal requirements for bail and bail bondsmen. The article for this has since been repealed. To date, there are no licensing requirements for bail bondsmen or bail recovery agents. There is now only an approval process for the approval of a surety. Here are the steps towards becoming a bail bondsman in Kansas.

Legal Requirements

Obtain an affidavit that details the property or monetary amounts to be dealt with in the bonding process. You may want to hire an attorney for this type of work, but it is not necessary. You can simply submit the affidavit to your court clerk.

Get sureties approved and accepted by the judge of the court the defendant is active in, or by the county sheriff. This means your business must be approved by the judge or sheriff in order to be completed. The judge can be from any county or jurisdiction, however the sheriff will be county based.

Establish good relationships with the judges' clerks and with the sheriff's offices in the counties you wish to do business. A positive working relationship with the clerks and sheriffs can result in possible referrals.

Consider joining an association, or to network with fellow bondsmen at the very least. You will have to work hard to keep your business moving. An association can be especially helpful in notifying you of educational classes, and could help boost your reputation.

Set up your office space and hire your employees. This will make your business much more efficient. You will want to keep meticulous records, given the complex nature of your business.

Check back with the clerk's offices often, in case a change in bail bonds laws goes into effect. You may have to move quickly to stay compliant with any updates.


Network as much as possible.


Be aware that the open status of Kansas bail bonding may not stay this way. Be aware of any changes!

  • Network as much as possible.
  • Be aware that the open status of Kansas bail bonding may not stay this way. Be aware of any changes!