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How to Develop a Sports Portfolio

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How to Develop a Sports Portfolio. Being talented is not always enough to get you in front of the people that can help you to achieve your dream of having a sports career. Practice will help you to improve your game, but developing a sports portfolio will help to improve your chances of getting noticed.

Identify the sport that you want to highlight. This should be a sport that you are good at because you will be highlighting the points where you excel in your performance of that sport.

Recruit family members and friends to aid you in documenting your portfolio. Have them take pictures and record your performances. Have them to help you to stage scenes to capture shots that you may not be able to get during a game.

Talk to coaches to find out what you should highlight. They often have a relationship with scouts from various fields and may be able to offer advice and suggestions in reference to what scouts look for.

Talk to teammates or peers in the field to get an idea of what they feel demonstrates a snapshot of what that sport has to offer.

Watch sports shows and news recaps to see what actions are highlighted. This will give an idea of what the public is interested in.


Be honest with yourself about your talent and skill level. Having the portfolio will allow you to get a good idea of where you are. Having the photos and the records will give you a first-hand look at your level of play.