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How to Get Started As a Freelance Sales Agent

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By becoming a freelance sales agent, the income potential is unlimited. However, you'll need to decide what products to sell, who to represent and then you'll have to find clients and sales leads. If you have sales experience, the process of working for yourself may be easier to get started.

To get started as a freelance sales agent, you will need to determine what type of products and services you will sell. For instance, if you are interested in electronics, a company that offers cell phones, one that offers computer sales and service and a satellite television company may be a great combination, as none of these items would be considered a competitor of the other.

Once you have determined an area of interest, start by contacting the owners and managers of each of the types of businesses in your area. Find out if they would be interested in an additional sales representative -- which is the case for many small businesses -- and explain that you would be interested in providing a few additional sales for them each week on a commission-only basis.

When you have determined if any are interested in your services, make appointments with each of the companies. Bring your own contract that states that you are an independent representative and that you will be paid on a commission-only basis of 30 percent of each sale. If a company isn't willing to pay 30 percent, go to the next company. Working for a straight commission for anything less than that is often not worth your effort.

When an agreement is made, you will then need to collect as much sales material and information as possible to assist you in making sales. Find out everything there is to know about the product and service as this will be needed to answer any question your clients may have.

The method for finding clients will be determined by the types of products and services you are offering. However, unless you are an established sales rep in your area, cold calling will almost always be the best way to start until referrals start coming your way. This can be done by phone or in person. Consider contacting businesses. Calling or stopping by businesses is a much easier strategy than doing so in a residential setting.


This is a very general overview of this type of business that is simply intended to get you started. Once you have established a large base of products and services to offer in your area, hiring additional sales reps is a great way to make even more money. By paying them 20 percent commission, you will still make a nice 10 percent override.


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