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How to Answer Sample Job Interview Questions

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During an interview, you should be able to talk about yourself as well as the company you are seeking employment with. The key to speaking about these subjects with ease is preparation. As many interview questions are focused on finding out about you and how well you would fit the company, preparing your answers ahead of time can help you relax during an interview. While you may not be asked the following questions exactly, you will probably be asked some variation of them. Be ready with honest answers.

Know what you can bring to the company. You may be asked something like "How would you benefit this organization?" You need to be able to talk about your strengths. Think about what sets you apart from everyone else. You also need to know about the company, and where are they going in the future. Most importantly, you need to know the job description. Read this carefully. Look for ways your strengths and the job description intersect. This will give you your answer for this question.

Be honest about your personality and conflict-resolution skills. You may be asked something like "What didn't you like about your previous coworkers?" or "Have you ever quit or been fired from a job?" The answers you give will let the interviewer know whether you are easy to get along with or difficult to work with, and will also give clues to your ability to work with others. Do not say negative things about your previous co-workers or boss, even if your relationships with them were difficult. Say something along the lines of "I am looking for more challenging work" or simply "I needed a change." If you did resolve a situation between yourself and a co-worker or boss, tell the interviewer how you did it. Conflict-resolution skills are something many companies are looking for in their employees.

Know your value as an employee. You may be asked something like "What is most important to you, the money or the work?" Give an answer that lets the interviewer know you are aware of your value, and that you enjoy working for places that challenge you. Say something like "Money is important, but what I'm passionate about is helping our customers and the team. Everything else is secondary." This what many companies are looking for in an employee.


If you don't have formal training for a job you are applying for, mention any relevant work experience you do have.


Never be dishonest during an interview. A lie may come back to haunt you.



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