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How to Interview for a Waste Management Job

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Being prepared for a job interview is crucial and often makes the difference between being hired or not. When interviewing for a waste management job, prepare yourself with questions, the proper attire and research about the company so you are ready to ace that important job interview.

Prepare with no less than five questions to ask your interviewer. Write the questions in a notebook. Use the notebook to take notes during the interview. Ask questions about the company, about the waste management job and about what they expect from you.

Research the company thoroughly to learn the most current information available. Understand the company's industry, its market and history and its goals. To find the information, start with the company's website and then look to industry-specific periodicals or organizations. If you know someone who works in the company, ask them details about the company.

Check for any recent developments related to the company, its industry and how it relates to your waste management abilities. Discuss the developments during the interview.

Memorize some facts about the company and its industry. Use them in conversation during the interview for the waste management job.

Prepare copies of your resume. Be sure to include all waste management related work experience and skills in your resume. Have a few copies available to hand out to your interviewer. If you are meeting with more than one person, have enough copies to go around.

Dress appropriately for the interview. If you are not sure what suitable attire is for the company, err on the side of dressing up. It is better to be a little too professional than to be under-dressed.

Scout out the location beforehand. Know where the interview is going to be, how long it takes you to get there at the time of the interview and where to park. Have your contact's name and phone number with you when you go for the interview in case something happens and you need to contact them.

Observe employees of the company. If the interview is going well, ask for a tour of the office. Notice how the employees dress and how they interact with one another. Pay attention to their body language for insights to how the workplace functions.


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