How to Become a Tile Setter

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How to Become a Tile Setter. The job of a tile setter requires skill and experience. To become a tile setter, you will need good math skills, dexterity and have endurance. Responsibilities include preparing the surface to be tiled, cutting and setting the tile, as well as grouting and finishing the tile. Tile setters that are highly skilled are always in demand. Learn how to become a skilled tile setter for a job with a good outlook.

Talk to a skilled tile setter and apply for a job as a helper or apprentice. Working as a helper with an experienced tile setter will help you learn the trade from the bottom up. You will learn accurate measurements, different types of tile used, how to prepare the surface, how to cut and set tile, grout, seal and finish the tile. As you progress through the apprenticeship, you will learn how to make patterns with tile, decorate with tile and estimate supplies needed. As an apprentice just learning the job, you will probably earn about half that of an experienced tile setter; you are getting on the job experience.

Go to a wholesale tile distributor or showroom. The sales people will probably be able to tell you about tile setters who need a helper. Leave your name and phone number with them so the tile setter can contact you.

Apply for a job at the tile showroom while you are waiting to apprentice. You will learn a great deal about tiles and supplies while you are waiting. Working at a tile distributor also puts you in contact with many different contractors and tile setters.

Visit the Finishing Trades Institute website to learn more about becoming a tile setter. The website has information about training and apprenticeship programs. Businesses and organizations partner with the union for apprenticeship programs and job opportunities.


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