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How to Make Money Writing Trivia Questions

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How to Make Money Writing Trivia Questions. Most people would consider writing trivia questions a hobby, associated with those who organize quizzes at pubs in their spare time. However, look on the internet and you can find numerous trivia websites. Whether these games are free or played for money, they will often pay for trivia questions.

Know how to write trivia questions. You just can't write off the top of your head. Detailed research is required and your grammar and spelling must be perfect. You also must possess some knowledge of question formats, such as multiple choice (see Resources below for more information).

Choose a specialist subject. You need a sound general knowledge to be a trivia writer, but it is good to specialize in one area. Most trivia games divide into categories such as film, music or sport.

Join Trivia Wars. This online site provides opportunities for trivia writers. All you have to do is register with the site, play a few of their trivia games and write 5 sample questions in a category you choose. If they like your questions, they email you job offers (see Resources below).

Send 50 questions to Pub Quiz Questions. The website (see Resources below) links to a template that demonstrates how to write question for their company. They can provide writers with contracts, but it could take a while for them to get back to you.

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