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How to Become Attorney General

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How to Become Attorney General. The position of Attorney General is essentially the highest lawyer in the land. The Attorney General represents the Unites States in all matters that are legal and offers advice to heads of the executive departments and the President of the Unites States. Becoming Attorney General requires a lifelong endeavor that one is constantly working toward. Use these steps to learn the path to become Attorney General.

Aim for a career as an attorney, but more than that, you must be involved in civic, political, legal and volunteer endeavors. It is important to be well-rounded throughout your education.

Attend law school; be involved in legal and justice organizations and try to get internships with attorneys, senators or other political figures.

Consider using the military as a stepping stone for a greater education and involvement with justice. The military offers many opportunities to work in the government, teaches you strong ethics and looks great on any resume.

Network, make allies, build a contact database and exchange favors with others. No one gets far in the political universe without having people around who have confidence in them and who will be willing to support them.

Work your way up through the ranks. Practice law for awhile, serve as secretary of state in your home state, or serve on the bench. Take time to enjoy these steps as you work hard. They are all huge accomplishments in their own right and are full of opportunities to expand your knowledge of justice and law.


Work hard and make a name for yourself among executive and justice members alike. Keep striving for the next level of status.


The President of the United States is the one who appoints the Attorney General. Many attorney generals have known the president that appointed them since before either of them were in office, so build lasting relationships along the way.


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