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How to Work With a Scorpio

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How to Work With a Scorpio. If you work with a Scorpio, you are working with someone who is intense, passionate and strong-willed. Scorpios are not easy to miss--they have a commanding presence that can be somewhat intimidating in the workplace. Follow these steps to get along with a Scorpio at work.

Respect your Scorpio colleagues' privacy. Scorpios are private people who work hard to separate their private lives from their work lives. They will open up when and if they decide to. But, don't be surprised if your Scorpio co-workers know the secrets of everyone else in the office. They love mysteries and are excellent sleuths.

Call on Scorpios in a crisis situation. When you have an impending disaster at work, Scorpios will have no problem taking charge. They are well-known for their ability to remain calm and get things done, even while everyone else is in a panic.

Reassure your Scorpio co-workers of your loyalty to them as team members. Scorpios demand absolute allegiance. If you are working with them on a project, show them that you are devoted to following through on your responsibilities. If you break your promises, they will become resentful.

Remember to give Scorpios plenty of space. They are quite self-sufficient and don't need any hand-holding. If they have any questions, they will ask you.

Understand that Scorpios have a very strong need to control things. This can create tension in the workplace. Be patient and talk through projects and responsibilities with your Scorpio co-workers. Discuss things that may be out of their control and how to address those issues.


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