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How to Become a Paid Sparring Partner

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Sparring partners are used by more than just boxers. Wrestlers, kickboxers and martial artists also use sparring partners while they are training. Some boxers become paid sparring partners while building their own careers -- earning some income while they help train other athletes.

Begin boxing at a local gym. In order to become a paid sparring partner, you will need to build up a fight record to find clients.

Learn methods used for training in a variety of sports that use sparring partners. You will need to use different types of sparring at different times. The trainer may want the boxer to work on punches one day, kicks another day and evasion tactics on another.

Learn different sports that use sparring partners. Because sparring partners are used in wrestling, kickboxing and martial arts, knowing different sports will expand your ability to work as a sparring partner.

Promote your abilities at local gyms and training facilities. Once you have established a fight record, you can begin to talk up your abilities in order to build a client base.


There have been instances of permanent injury in sparring partners, so keep that in mind when you enter this profession. In addition, a paid sparring partner career often does not provide health insurance, so injuries can be devastating financially.


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