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How to Keep a Restroom Clean at Work

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A dirty bathroom at work can reflect negatively on your business if clients (or potential clients) go into the bathroom and see a mess. It could cause them to think that the business is poorly run. Routinely reminding employees of the need and their responsibility to keep the restroom clean and that they will be held accountable will increase the odds that the bathroom will be a pleasant and hygienic for everyone.

Educate employees on their responsibility to keep the restroom clean. Adults know that it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves, but many do not. Inform employees of your expectations regarding bathroom cleanliness at staff meetings, in the company newsletter or via email as needed. Staff sometimes need to be reminded of their obligation and put on alert that you, as an employer, are holding them accountable.

Keep cleaning supplies (e.g., cleaning solutions and gloves) in an accessible location. Occasionally, a staff member may make a mess or have a personal hygiene issue in the bathroom. Encourage employees to keep the bathroom clean by keeping cleaning supplies in an easy-to-reach location. If employees have easy access to cleaning supplies they will be more likely to clean up after themselves. This also eliminates any embarrassment a staff member may feel in asking for cleaning supplies.

Establish an anonymous reporting system. Sometimes despite all the rules, warnings and assistance that are provided, employees still refuse to keep the bathroom clean. In this instance, it is necessary to have staff members help you to identify the culprit(s) so that you can address the matter with them in private. Often, once a person has been exposed and confronted about being messy in the bathroom, the behavior will stop because he knows he is being watched. Tell your staff that your door is open if they want to report violators of the clean bathroom policy and that their identity will be kept anonymous.

Install automated toilets, soap dispensers and air dryers. Toilets that automatically flush, soap dispensers that limit the amount of soap used and brief, but powerful, blow dryers all contribute to keeping the bathroom clean because they reduce the materials that employees use in the bathroom and work independently of the user.


Make sure receptacles are placed in the bathroom. Usually when paper towels and toilet paper are strewn about the room it is because there are no trash cans.


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