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How to Size a Column in HYSYS

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HYSYS, and its updated version UniSim, is a software tool that helps users simulate conditions that could be found within chemical plants and oil refineries to create safer environments for workers. Using this system, you can simulate gas and liquid columns to get a better understanding of how they might behave. When using this program, you can create a custom column size for the material you wish to analyze in the system.

Open the HYSYS program and open the case study you want to use. Click on the green "Calculation" button to turn it on. Click on the "Tools" menu option followed by the "Utilities" option and click on the "Add Tray" utility to setup your column size.

Click on "Select TS" to view a list of available columns. Click on the column you want to size and then click on the "Main TS Object" option. Click "OK" to choose this column. When you return to the main screen, click on the "Add Section" option.

Click on "Design Specs," hen hit the "F1" key on your keyboard. This will bring up the page for setting tray sizing specifications. Click on each type of internals in this menu and select the option that fits the type of column you are using. Select "Design Mode" for Item 8.

Click on "Performance Results" to see the results of the simulation with the values you entered in Step 3. If the results are not what you expected, go back to the tray sizing specifications page and change the values accordingly to get different results from the "Performance Results" page.


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