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How to Become a Submarine's Cook

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A U.S. Navy cook is known as a mess specialist. In this role, you prepare meals for small gatherings or entire ship crews. The first step to becoming a Navy submarine cook is to enlist with a Naval recruiter and pass health and background checks. Men and women interested in this role must then go through the same nine-week basic training program as all other enlistees, according to the website.

Becoming a Specialist

To become a sub cook, you attend Class A school where you learn all facets of preparing food for small and large groups aboard the submarine. Before you actually go out on submarine missions with a crew, you can gain hands-on experience preparing meals for groups of officers and service members on shore.

Qualities Desired

Officers look for certain qualities and skills in successful submarine cooks. Two key qualities include attention to detail and people skills. Attention to detail is vital to purchase, prepare and serve meals for hundreds of people. Your people skills help in working with other cooks and interacting with other sub personnel.


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