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How to Improve Attention to Detail in Employees

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A slip here and there in a detail of an employee's project or piece of work may not hold up productivity, but repeated problems of inattentiveness lowers quantity and quality of a company's product or service. To increase employee effectiveness when comes to attention to details, outline and communicate a plan on how to complete the work. Make the workplace a stimulating and encouraging environment. Improve your employees' attention to details with constructive criticism and exercises to improve the quality of their output.

Examine the quality of your employees' work. Observe what details are regularly missed and which department or employee is responsible for the incorrect work. Investigate the project or piece of work to find out the deadline dates, the problems that were faced in completing the project and why details are missing or incorrect.

Conduct a meeting to discuss the lack of effective performance. Talk to your workers about the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in completed projects. Describe the effects of incorrect work and how it affects both the company and each employee personally.

Create pairs or teams of employees to help each other double-check and proofread work before it is completed. Enforce the use of teams by having each group meet on a regular basis and ask them to take notes on their work that was completed and what was checked or corrected.

Offer coaching or educational opportunities to further the experience and know-how of each employee. The more the staff members understand about the industry in which they work, the better they can construct and complete their assigned projects. Additional education may also further creative ideas on how to complete work or projects more effectively.

Provide incentives for thoroughness. The most obvious use of an incentive is a cash bonus or pay raise for the output of detailed, accurate work. However, smaller incentives can boost employee morale and encourage the right focus on the minutiae in projects. An office party, gift cards, free meal or other similar bonus rewards can help engage your workforce to pay closer attention to details.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Allow staff members to take frequent breaks from repetitive tasks to avoid work-related strain. Help decrease health problems by encouraging your employees to get the proper amount of rest at home, eat well-balanced meals and exercise on a regular basis. A healthy mind is more alert; it can catch details better than one that is rundown and tired.


Decrease the stress in the work area. Too much stress increases the cortisol chemicals in the brain, causing people to freeze up. Make the workplace an enjoyable place to focus, free of oppressive anger and negative emotions.


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