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Good Things to Put on a Resume When Applying for a Waitress Position

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Waitressing is a demanding job. It requires a multitude of skills, some of which are transferable from other positions. Persuading a prospective employer to give you a waitressing opportunity is easier if you include on your resume several key points that demonstrate your suitability for the job. Tailor your resume specifically for waitressing and focus on directly relevant skills.

People Skills

A waitress is the front-line representative of the restaurant, and can create a positive and welcoming impression on the customers even when the food is not satisfactory. Emphasize your strong interpersonal skills from previous positions. Show that you have customer service ability, teamwork skills, patience, professionalism and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Multitasking Ability

A waitress may appear to simply be carrying a tray, but in reality she is scanning the tables that she passes, reviewing in her mind pending orders and reminding herself to bring ketchup to a table in response to a diner's request. Show on your resume that you are capable of simultaneously sustaining several trains of thought, even in the presence of distractions and interruptions.

Currency Processing

Accurate processing of currency, whether it be cash or credit cards, is an important part of the food service industry, so showcase any cash-handling and computer experience. Even if you are not trained in the specific cash-handling program used by the restaurant, previous experience shows that you can learn and be trained in something new.

Mental Agility

Make note of any memory-related work you have done, or tasks that required mental agility. Some waitresses take food orders with the aid of a pad and pen, but you may be required to do so from memory only.

Stamina and Fitness

Waitressing requires energy, stamina, balance and agility, so any prior examples of proficiency in these areas, whether they are extra-curricular activities or previous employment, will help with your waitressing application. Add to your resume hobby-related activities that engaged you in physical activity and required coordination, such as participation on a sports team.

Food Safety and Allergy Knowledge

If you have not already done so, enroll in a continuing-education class or program related to the food-service industry that covers topics such as safe food handling and safeguards relating to food allergies and intolerance. Add this to your resume: either as "completed" if you are already finished and have passed, or "in progress" if you are not yet finished.


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