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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers started in 1880 as a professional organization mechanical engineers. At the time of publication, the group boasts more than 130,000 members worldwide. In keeping with its mission to promote education and professionalism in the field of mechanical engineering, ASME offers certification for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing professionals, known as the GDTP, or GD&T, personnel certification program.

GDTP Levels and Requirements

ASME offers two levels of GDTP certification. The entry-level technologist credential requires no work experience. To qualify for the senior technologist credential, candidates must meet work experience criteria. All candidates for the senior technologist credential must have five years of work experience in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. The work experience must be verifiable and have consisted of full-time hours. Candidates do not need to earn the technologist certification to gain the senior technologist designation.

Applying for GDTP

Candidates for both technologist and senior technologist GDTP certification must complete the appropriate certification application available on ASME's website. For both credentials, candidates must provide their personal contact information. Prospective senior technologists must also complete work experience verification forms and have them signed by supervisors from their current and previous jobs. Candidates for either designation must submit a $450 fee with their applications.

The GDTP Examination

Upon receiving applications for GDTP certification, ASME reviews the materials and then sends an eligibility confirmation letter or email to clients. Once candidates have this confirmation, they may register for the mandatory certification examination. The test is taken using a computer at Prometric testing centers located across the United States. Both the technologists and senior technologists tests are multiple choice and include 100 to 150 questions. The general technologists test lasts up to four hours, while senior technologists have six hours to complete their exam.

Renewing Your GDTP

ASME's GDTP certifications expire three years after their issuance date. Candidates can become recertified at the end of their credentialing period by submitting an application that includes proof that they worked in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for at least 24 months of that licensing cycle, together with a recertification fee of $108. The ASME periodically updates its standards for the practice of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, releasing a new version of its guidelines. Candidates who wish to gain certification for a new version must go through the entire process from the beginning.