S2 Vs. S7 Tool Steel

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S2 and S7 are carbon alloy tool steels with similar composition and uses. The S series of tool steel is use to make tools subject to repetitive pounding.

S Grades

Classification of the S grade to tool steel is shock-resistant. Uses for such tools are chisels and dies to punch, and shear applications. Pipe cutters also use the S series of tool steel.


S2 and S7 are similar alloys. S7 has about 3 percent chromium added which increases hardness. S2 has more vanadium that increases hardness and wear. S2 has more manganese to reduce brittleness.

S2 and S7

Because the chemical compositions of S2 and S7 tool steel are similar, they respond similarly to most applications. For example, they are both hard to grind when compared to steel. S2, because of the slightly higher concentration of vanadium, S7 because of chromium addition.