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Definition of Skeleton Plan

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When creating a detailed plan, one of the first steps is creating a skeleton plan. Making a skeleton plan, also known as delineation, has a wide definition that can apply in a variety of situations.


Delineation has several different, yet connected meanings. The essential meaning is to create the basic outline of an object or situation. This is usually connected to drawing or painting, but it can also be verbal.


Artists often sketch a skeleton plan of their painting or drawing before they create darker lines. This helps them have a guideline when it comes to creating the more fully realized piece of art. Delineation can also be used to create a very basic budgetary plan by finding the most essential budget items and adding others later.


There are many synonyms for the terms delineation and skeleton plan. Border, characterize, chart, circumscribe, mark off, explain, duplicate, define, describe and many others are listed as synonyms for delineate on However, it’s important to remember that synonyms don’t always have exactly the same meaning.


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