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Chiropractor to Nurse Practitioner Program

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Chiropractors can add to existing professional degrees and certification by becoming a nurse practitioner. Educational courses in family nursing earn chiropractors a nursing degree to build a larger and more varied professional practice.

Advanced Degrees

Chiropractor to nurse practitioner programs utilize the doctor's previous education and experience to earn a bachelor's and masters degree in nursing. Typically, the course is completed in a maximum of three years. The program expands upon the doctor's chiropractic knowledge through a combination of online and classroom sessions.

Program Requirements

Nurse practitioner program admission requirements typically mandate proof of experience in health care, a criminal background check and drug test. In addition to a course curriculum which includes classes in biology, chemistry, physiology and pharmacology, students must also complete a clinical rotation. The clinical experience commonly requires working under the guidance of a licensed physician in an office or hospital setting.

Patient Care

After completing the degree and any state licensing board mandated examinations, the chiropractor can treat patients for a wider range of conditions. A nurse practitioner degree includes the ability to prescribe medication. Continuing educational courses must be completed on an annual basis in most states to retain licensure.