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What Is ADP II Security Clearance?

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ADP II clearance is a United States government-designated level of clearance given to certain individuals who need access to non-critical sensitive information in order to fulfill their job. These positions can include contractors, government-paid accountants, government-paid data entry positions and systems analysts.


Non-critical sensitive information is covered by the Privacy Act of 1974, and much of this information could be potentially used for personal detriment or gain. As a result, this level of clearance is critical for ensuring that those with access to the information have been pre-qualified as ethical, law-abiding citizens who will protect the confidentiality of the information. It is required by law.


ADP/IT II clearance falls directly below ADP/IT I clearance. ADP IT/ I clearance is reserved for those dealing with critical, sensitive information, whereas ADP/IT II clearance is applicable to those dealing with non-critical sensitive information. However, it is applied to the same types of positions as those qualifying for ADP/IT II clearance, the only difference being how "critical" the sensitive information is.


In order to get ADP/IT II clearance for company personnel, the company must submit a written request to the Personal Security Division located at TMA PSD, Skyline 5, 5111 Leesburg Pike, Suite 810, Falls Church, VA 22041. It should include a justification for needing the clearance and should be written on the company's letterhead.