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The Importance of Compromise

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In order for people to work together when they disagree, they might have to compromise. This means each person has to give up part of what he wants so her together can avoid conflict, accomplish things together and both feel satisfied.

Compromise Takes Many Forms

In order to maximize their success, most people probably find the need to compromise in different areas, such as in the workplace, in relationships, or in other aspects of their personal lives. By agreeing to not get everything a you want and acknowledging the other person’s desires, conflicts can be resolved. This might take the form of negotiations in business meetings, sharing responsibilities with a spouse, or juggling different commitments to make time for all of one’s personal goals.

Building Strong Relationships

To work as a team or a family, knowing how to compromise can be an invaluable skill. It demonstrates your concern for the other person's needs, and your willingness to meet some of these needs through mutual cooperation.

Recognizing Unhealthy Compromises

Although negotiations play an important role in working toward a common goal or project with other people, compromises can become unhealthy when they undermine a personal beliefs and values. A person should not make compromises that undermine your integrity, so having a trustworthy mediator can be important during a difficult negotiation.


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