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Texas Security Consultant License Information

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If you plan to work as a security consultant in Texas, you must be licensed. To be considered for your license, you must have at least two years of experience in security services. If you have the experience, you need to apply and pass the examination to obtain your license.


To become a Texas security consultant, you must first complete an application, which consists of your name, social security number, business name, business nature statement, contact information for all business members, and Texas Department of Public Safety report showing any Class B misdemeanors.


The Texas Private Security Bureau requires an examination for all security consultants to show their knowledge of Texas Occupations Code and Texas Commission of Private Security (TCPS) Commission rules. The examination consists of 200 questions. The initial examination is provided at no cost but all retakes of the examination are $100 each (as of 2010).

License Denial

If you have any Class B misdemeanors on your Public Safety report, you face the chance of being denied for a security consultant license. If the misdemeanors are more than five years old, you can not be denied for the license.


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