The Salary of a Compounding Pharmacist

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

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A sub-specialty of the pharmacy industry is compound pharmacy. A compound pharmacist is one who creates customized medications for customers with special needs, that are not met by standard pharmaceuticals.

Average Salary

The average wages for pharmacists, including compounding pharmacists, were $51.27 per hour, or $106,630 per year, in May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which also reported that salaries ranged from $79,270 or less for the poorest-paid tenth of pharmacists, to $134,290 and up for the most well-paid 10 percent.

Top Industries

Health and personal care stores were the biggest employer of pharmacists in May 2009, BLS figures show, providing jobs to 119,150--more than twice as many as hospitals employed. Pharmacists working in health and personal care stores also earned average salaries slightly higher than the occupation's average, at $107,810 per year. The management, scientific and technical consulting services industry was the best-paying, with an average annual salary of $116,710.

Highest-Paying Areas

California was the best-paying state for pharmacists in May 2009, the BLS reports, with an average annual salary of $117,080. The state was also home to four of the five highest-paying metropolitan areas for this occupation, including number one Santa Barbara, where the average yearly salary was $140,670 per year.