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The Typical Day of a Cardiologist

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If you experience heart problems, a visit from a cardiologist is something you look forward to. They follow a daily routine, and knowing that gives you an idea as to when your visit occurs.

The Job of a Cardiologist

A doctor who specializes in the heart and blood vessels is a cardiologist. Cardiologists act as consultants to the primary care doctor. When the original doctor feels the patient is experiencing heart problems, a cardiologist comes in to give his opinion.

Morning Schedule

Cardiologists generally spend their mornings seeing patients in the hospital. They check on patients admitted because of chest pains or shortness of breath. The cardiologist reviews the patient's chart to determine what steps need to be taken. Patients who need them receive CT scans or an MRI. Cardiologists also check on patients who have just gone through surgery to see how they are progressing. The cardiologist reports back to the patient's doctor.

Afternoon Schedule

The cardiologist spends time later in the day conducting office visits with patients, following up on surgeries and heart problems. The cardiologist spends time in the lab reading scans performed in the morning. She then shares the results with the patient's primary doctor.


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