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The Average Salary of a Painting Contractor

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Painting contractors are employed in positions such as brush painters and supervisors who are responsible for painting a home or business. They estimate job costs and materials, prepare surfaces for work, and apply paint.


According to the website PayScale, as of September 2010, painting contractor salaries depend on the actual job position. For example, painters make $49,132 annually, painting supervisors earn $42,596 and estimators receive $40,694.


The more the experience, the more the salary, with new employees earning $35,234. Those with one to four years of work make $39,015, while those with five to nine years get $41,102. Finally, those with 10 to 19 years receive $52,308.


The city of employment can determine salary with those in Austin receiving the most at $56,000, followed by Seattle at $53,458. At the opposite end are Chicago and Portland, Oregon at $40,000.


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