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Does the Post Office Do a Background Check After the Driving Test?

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The United States Postal Service requires prospective employees to undergo two criminal conviction record checks. If they will drive at work, employees must also have a safe driving record. At least one conviction check will follow the driving record assessment.

Criminal Background Checks

To work for the Postal Service, a prospective employee must undergo two criminal background checks. The first is only local in scope, and occurs during the suitability screening process prior to an offer of employment. The second is more comprehensive, and occurs after an offer of employment has been made.

Safe Driving Record

Some prospective postal employees--those who will have to drive on the job, such as mail carriers--must undergo an assessment of their driving record to ensure that they are safe drivers. This assessment occurs during the suitability screening process, before an offer of employment is made.


The safe driving record check occurs before a job offer is made. The second, comprehensive criminal conviction check follows an offer of employment. Therefore, the Postal Service will check a prospective employee's criminal background after the driving record assessment.


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