What Is Hospitality Retail Management?

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The field of hospitality retail management offers managers an opportunity to enhance a customer’s hospitality experience with creativity, while maintaining established standards. The role may include managing aspects of any hospitality establishment such as restaurants, hotels, casinos, museums and gift shops.

Hospitality Retail

Hospitality retail management reflects the feeling of familiarity and security that customers experience when they enter a hotel, pub, restaurant or other establishment and know what level of service and quality to expect, according to the Conrad Lashley book, “Hospitality Retail Management.” In essence, hospitality retail encompasses any sales establishment that offers customers hospitality.


Managing hospitality retail differs somewhat from other forms of management. Lashley explains that hospitality retail management focuses on managing the customer experience to provide consistent service, presentation and quality. Depending on the establishment, this role may require varying degrees of merchandising, quality assurance and coaching employees.


The field of hospitality retail management includes a number of behind-the-scenes workers and functions. Workers may include back office workers such as chefs, planners, sourcers, purchasers and security specialists. In addition, managers must carefully control the customer’s environment.