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Who Is Responsible for Stocking Supplies in Hospital Settings?

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While hospitals may have multiple staff members that assist in stocking supplies, this role is typically a part of an orderly's job description. An orderly, sometimes called a nursing assistant, assists with basic non-medical patient care, along with managing supplies. Basic care services include assisting patients with bathing and grooming, transporting them, dressing and undressing and serving meals.

Orderly Supply Duties

Nurses and doctors use a lot of basic medical supplies on a daily basis in a hospital. They rely on easy access to such things as sterilizers, dressing packs, treatment trays, bandages and scissors. Ensuring these supplies are in-stock, organized and ready to use is a common expectation for an orderly. During a typical work day, the orderly looks over the inventory one or more times, restocks and organizes as needed.

Sterilizing and Issuing Supplies

Orderlies also sterilize equipment and are in charge of issuing supplies when they are needed. Many of the tools used for procedures require cleaning and sterilization after each use. As the orderly issues items such as dressing packs, he can track how many remain in inventory.


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