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What Is Credentialing Experience?

Credentialing is an important process in making sure an organization employs skilled professionals. Having credentialing experience makes candidates who apply for health care jobs more marketable because it represents their familiarity with the medical field.


To have credentialing experience means that an individual has participated in, and is familiar with, credentialing activities. Such activities include assisting with health plan provider enrollments, renewing licenses, creating, updating and maintaining credentialing files, and completing and processing credentialing applications.


Someone with credentialing experience may be able to demonstrate excellent organizational and time management skills. Credentialing takes a lot of coordination and tracking, so to have credentialing experience implies that a person is able to meet deadlines and manage the time pressure.


There are computer software programs that help with the credentialing process. An experienced credentialing person may be familiar with how to use such software for managing credentialing paperwork and processes. According to Applied Statistics & Management Software Solutions, credentialing software has the ability to do web-based credentialing applications, online privileging and online medical verifications.


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