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A Housing Assistant's Job Description

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In the most general sense, a housing assistant's job is to help people with their housing needs. While every employer will have differing protocols and job duties, the job typically involves helping people secure housing, ensuring housing facilities are safe, and collecting housing payments.

Typical Job Duties

Housing assistants often work for social services agencies, but they may also work for organizations such as colleges or private companies. A housing assistant typically helps housing applicants fill out required forms and gather the documentation needed to apply for housing. Assistants also conduct interviews with applicants, covering topics such as housing needs and the applicants' incomes and employment. Assistants might also review applications for housing, or pass them along to the managers who decide upon applicants' eligibility. Housing assistants also help residents choose housing, move in, set up utilities and get settled, as well as check in with residents on a regular basis. Other duties include inspecting housing facilities to ensure fire extinguishers, sprinklers or other safety equipment are in good working order. In some cases, housing assistants collect rents or loan payments from residents and prepare monthly or quarterly statements of amounts paid. A background in accounting or social services, or a postsecondary degree in either, can be helpful in this position. However, it's often an entry-level job and formal education requirements vary by employer.


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