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Job Description of a Patient Service Representative

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Hospitals and physicians’ offices are the primary employers of patient service representatives, who are employees charged with providing service to patients as needed and handling administrative matters.

Primary Duties

A patient service representative answers patient inquiries about billing, procedures, policies and available services. She sometimes deals with complaints. She also acts as a liaison between patients and insurance companies, and facilitates communication between patients and doctors, medical staff and administrative staff.

Secondary Duties

The patient service representative might provide patient referrals, distribute paperwork and make calls to patients to remind them of bills coming due. He usually has a full administrative load, including filing, data entry and documentation duties.

Work Environment

The patient service representative works in an office environment and spends a great deal of time on the computer. She interacts with patients in person and over the phone.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required, and employers like to see some college or community college coursework. Experience in a physicians’ office or hospital is preferred but not always necessary. Above-average communication, organizational and analytical skills are sought, and applicants should keep a fast pace, possess a keen eye for detail and show a deep respect for protocol.


The average annual salary for a patient service representative, according to in March 2010, was $36,000.