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Point of Care Coordinator Job Description

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Adhering to all procedures directed by manufacturers as well as regulations imposed by both a medical facility and the law, a point of care coordinator oversees all point of care testing (e.g., blood tests), monitoring and maintaining equipment to ensure that all quality assurance deliverables are met.

Policy Implementation

Partnering with the clinical staff of a facility, a point of care coordinator designs, develops and implements all policies and procedures surrounding the testing activities within an institution.


Auditing and closely monitoring all incident reports, quality control reports and any other concerns, a point of care coordinator aims to identify and preclude risks of testing failures.


A point of care coordinator routinely audits all testing policies and procedures for the purpose of ensuring that the facility is in compliance with all regulations imposed by the government and any other accrediting bodies.


Employers typically will only consider point of care coordinators who possess a four-year degree from an accredited educational institution in medical technology, laboratory science or a related area of study.


Salary survey and job search website Simply Hired reported in 2010 that the average point of care coordinator employed in the United States of America earns $50,000 per year.