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Respect & Professionalism in the Work Place

Coming to work isn't always fun, but it shouldn't be something that's feared because of harassment in the workplace. Respect and professionalism in the workplace improves productivity and reduces the turnover rate.


A workplace is often made up of people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They should be respected and not targeted for ridicule.


Competition in the workplace can drive productivity, but it should not devolve into petty, unprofessional rivalries.

Taking Blame

A professional will take the blame for mistakes she has made instead of trying to pass the blame on to co-workers.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace. This is both disrespectful and unprofessional and can become criminal if it goes too far.


A professional does not spread gossip or rumors about co-workers. This only creates tension and a hostile environment.


Kyle Martin has been a newspaper reporter in Florida for over three years, and was a reporter in Mississippi before that. He is fluent in Spanish, having lived overseas during his formative years. He has a Bachelor of Arts in communications, with a concentration in journalism from Mississippi College.