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What Are the Duties of a Communications Editor?

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As the head of a publication’s editorial department, the communications editor has many responsibilities, from managing people to proofreading, designing pages and overseeing all content.

Newsroom Management

A communications editor is often the individual who acts as the go-between for the editorial departments and other departments at a publication. He is also responsible for building and maintaining relationships with writers, photographers and other providers.

Writing and Editing

A communications editor is responsible for writing content and editing materials written by regular contributors and occasional or freelance contributors. The editor is sometimes the last person to sign off on layouts for publications.

Layout and design

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, editors may arrange page layouts of articles, photographs and advertising. They may also compose headlines and prepare copy for printing.


The communications editor may be responsible for maintaining the publication’s Facebook page, Twitter account or social media profiles used to increase the publication’s reach. Some editors may also be required to be the organization’s public representative, the “face” of the publication.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “competition for jobs with established newspaper and magazines will be particularly keen as many organizations move their publication focus from a print to an online presence and as the publishing industry continues to contract.” Authors, writers and editors--especially those with web or multimedia experience--will have an edge in finding work.