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What Are the Duties of a Caregiver in Assisted Living Homes?

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Assisted living caregivers play an important role in helping to keep sick or elderly residents as comfortable as possible. Many assisted living caregivers are equipped with a degree as a certified nurses assistant, though it's not a requirement in some assisted living communities.

Doing Housekeeping

Caregivers in assisted living communities are expected to keep up with general housekeeping duties. This may include things such as vacuuming, laundry, changing bed sheets, tidying patients' rooms or other light duties to maintain cleanliness.

Preparing Meals

Assisted living caregivers are responsible for the preparation of meals for the residents. This also requires preparation of future meals and keeping track of expiration dates so that the residents do not receive unhealthy food. When necessary, caregivers assist residents with feeding.

Running Errands

Caregivers sometimes run basic errands for the residents, such as picking up dry cleaning, taking mail to the post office and getting prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Giving Medication

Caregivers often give medication to patients who need assistance. Caregivers may also be responsible for setting reminders so that able patients can take their medication on time. Caregivers must follow safety procedures in giving and storing medication.

Helping With Transportation

Caregivers assist the residents with transportation to various places. This may include doctors appointments, church and other activities. They help patients with mobility problems transfer into the vehicle.

Taking Notes

Caregivers are required to take notes on their interactions with residents and their observations. For example, caregivers take patients' vital signs and record them. They also keep a record of the time and dosage for medications. These notes help assure consistent care and serve as documentation that the facility is carrying out doctors' orders.


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