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Corporate Affairs Manager Job Description

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The corporate affairs manager plays a key role in the communications within and outside of the company. Working closely with public affairs, government relations and internal stakeholders, the corporate affairs manager holds a distinct position as the administrator with influence across all lines of corporate communication.

Advise the Executives

The corporate affairs manager often has the ear of the president or chief executive officer of the company and serves as an adviser, especially during transitional periods. According to Korn Ferry, an international recruiting firm, the corporate affairs manager has a complete view of the business from all sides, or a “360-degree perspective” of the company affairs. As such, they are best suited to advise senior management on the most effective strategic moves to ensure the company’s success.

Cross Communications Barriers

While corporations may continue to rely on the public relations department to maintain external communication with the media and investors, the corporate affairs manager is a key adviser to the PR team. At the same time, human resource communication teams also utilize the expertise and vision of the corporate affairs manager when communicating with employees. The corporate affairs manager is keenly aware of research and development, sales and marketing and customer service functions and how they overlap and intertwine within the company.

Monitor and Direct Change

A corporate affairs manager may move into the position after a time as PR manager, or from the ranks of the HR department. The corporate affairs manager may move into the role after working with research and development or from the sales and marketing side of the business. The requirements of the job include a keen sense of where the company has come from and where it is poised to grow. Spotting trends and directing the movements within the company to take advantage of those trends is an important role of the job and often best accomplished by a professional with years at the company.

Provide Financial Input

At the same time, the corporate affairs manager is astutely aware of the company’s pricing policies and how they affect sales. Government regulations and regulatory oversight also is closely followed by the corporate affairs manager, who combines all his knowledge and research into intelligent, successful pricing policies. The corporate affairs manager has access to the company finances and closely follows the public perception of the company to complete his overview of the best strategies for the company to employ in all arenas.


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