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What Is the Role of Security Officers in a Factory?

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Factory security, also known as industrial security, is quite a bit different from most security work. Protection of people, property and assets is the main priority, but it adds the responsibility to maintain plant safety in order to keep manufacturing deadlines on schedule.


The function of security officers in a factory is to patrol the facility in order to find any security and safety infractions.


Safety of production and distribution areas is a top priority for continued company profits.


Enforcement of safety rules and regulations reduces accidents and product damage. Regular patrols of hazardous material areas for unsafe conditions helps to avoid fires and employee injuries. Access control of the main and employee entrances and shipping and receiving areas helps reduce the chances of unauthorized access and theft.


Factory security officers play a vital role in security and safety, as well as developing trusting relationships with management and employees. They become a valuable asset during industry layoffs or worker strikes.

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The goal of a factory is usually low expenses and high profits. That's what business is all about, but the good businesses usually don't sacrifice security and safety for profit.


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