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What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

A home health care aide provides care to the elderly, disabled and injured who would like to live in their homes but still need assistance with their daily activities. Most home health aides work 40 hours a week for a company that assigns them to a patient. However, some home health aides work independently and find patients on their own.

Personal Care

A home health aide will help the patient with bathing, which may include helping the patient get in and out of the bath and/or helping the patient wash himself. An aide may also assist with beauty (styling hair and makeup, if requested) and bathroom use.


Light housekeeping chores may be required, including vacuuming, dusting, organizing and washing dishes. These chores are things that the patient is ordinarily unable to do by herself.

Meal Preparation

A home health aide will prepare meals for the patient. This may include breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on the aide's hours.

Light Errands

The aide may need to accompany the patient on light errands, such as trips to the grocery store and post office. Occasionally, the aide may need to go on the patient's behalf if they are unable to leave the home.

Document Care and Daily Activities of Patient

For their employer and/or the patient's family members, the daily activities of the patient need to be documented by the aide. This may include meals eaten and housework performed, or if the patient and aide left the home at any time. In some cases, bathroom use may also need to be documented.


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