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Duties of a Crowd Controller

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Crowd controllers work at large venues and stadiums where big crowds are expected, including concerts, public speeches, rallies and sporting events. The crowd controller is responsible for keeping the crowd in control and peaceful.

People Causing Trouble

Sometimes, a crowd can get wild or out of hand. If members of the crowd start to cause trouble or vandalism, the crowd controller needs to escort the trouble-causing members out of the venue.


Sometimes, fights may break out. The biggest key is to prevent and stop a fight before it escalates to physical assault. A crowd controller watches the audience and does everything possible to step in before a fight breaks out.


Sporting events and concerts usually sell alcohol. Unfortunately, some people get out of hand and consume too much alcohol. The crowd controller needs to look for audience members causing trouble due to being under the influence or minors consuming alcohol.

After the Event is Over

Crowd controllers also make sure the crowd exits the venue without trouble and swiftly. The sooner the crowd leaves the venue, the faster the clean-up crew can get to work.


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