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How to Express Enthusiasm for a Job

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Expressing enthusiasm at a job interview, or throughout your work day, is essential to communicating interest and boosting morale in the workplace. Enthusiasm may seem superfluous compared with other qualities such as knowledge, skills and abilities. However, it is often enthusiasm that sways a hiring manager to favor one of two equally qualified candidates. Candidates or employees who express enthusiasm are more likely to invest their skills, work more diligently and mesh well with the company's social infrastructure. Candidates can show enthusiasm in different ways, including demonstrating company knowledge, expressing interest in the interviewer or co-workers and maintaining a positive demeanor.

Research the company and the position you want thoroughly. Learn the company's mission statement and core values. Read personnel profiles of other employees with similar or relevant positions, if available. Information from press releases, as well as business statistics and sales volumes will be particularly useful in demonstrating enthusiastic interest toward the company's bottom line.

Prepare how you will explain why you are interested in a the position. Point out aspects about your background and how your experience will make you a good fit for the job. Be specific. Also, prepare questions to direct toward the interviewers, such as what they like best about their positions and the company. Asking direct questions will demonstrate enthusiasm for the associates and the position.

Maintain a positive demeanor throughout the interview. Smile and have good eye contact and posture. Greet and address each interviewer by name and with a firm handshake. Speak confidently and answer each question with as much detail as possible. Use interview questions as opportunities to display your knowledge of company specifics, as well as how points in your experience match the functions of the job. Thank each interviewer by name and with a firm handshake when the interview is over.

Follow up with a thank-you letter within 24 hours of your interview. Be sure to address letters to each of the interviewers, if possible, starting with the person who invited you to interview. Write out a brief narrative of key points you went over during the interview and reiterate your interest and fitness for the position. Even if you are not interested in the position, send a thank-you letter to maintain good will with what could be a future employer or reference.

Continue to show enthusiasm after beginning work. Actively meet and collaborate with co-workers. Reach out and ask for help when necessary and ask questions until you understand a function or project completely. It also helps to write things down when seeking advice from co-workers. Offer help and volunteer for projects relevant to your job and skill level. Listen attentively during meetings and ask questions, when necessary. Continuing to display enthusiasm is vital because it may increase your chances of promotion or retention.


Do not hesitate to learn new skills or work toward the next level in your profession.

Obtain extra training or credentials outside of work whenever possible to bolster your skills and display personal initiative and enthusiasm.


Be sure to provide only truthful and accurate information that can be substantiated by credentials or references. Never exaggerate or fabricate scenarios to boost your profile. Any discovery of false or exaggerated claims may result in the elimination of your candidacy or termination after you have been hired.