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Examples of the Staffing & Recruitment Goals for Performance Management

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Most performance management systems have as much influence as wallpaper, according to Forbes contributor, Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith. They exist only in the background and are severely undervalued. Successful companies recognize the value of staffing and recruitment goals. The companies that make the right recruitment and staffing decisions dramatically increase their worth. Set goals in the areas of performance management to establish and maintain a productive employee base.

Establish Firm Requirements

One of the first things your company should establish are the minimum qualifications of the employees it needs. Analysis by the Society for Human Resource Management “revealed that most companies invest in world-class processes for their performance management system, but they overlook the importance of the people element.” Applications should only be considered from individuals who immediately fit the requirements based upon detailed position descriptions that you have created.

Attract Desired Talent

Having a large pool of applicants is not the same thing as having a suitable variety of options. Hiring the right employees is more than just about selection. It is about advertising and getting the right individuals to apply. If you are not putting as much effort into that aspect then you are decreasing your odds of the best possible connection. Describe your company’s culture and be specific about type of employee you want in your advertisements or job postings. Reach out to individuals through sources like employment agencies, websites and schools.

Create Ranking System

When you are hiring employees, your goal is to strengthen your company with the proper talent. Establish a ranking system to classify prospective employees and order them by how well they fill the minimum requirements for the position you seek to fill. Use your ranking system to further narrow the selection pool. Use fair company identifiers such as personality questionnaires and an interview process that involves all those directly related to the position.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Goals in performance management, especially concerning staffing and recruitment, are necessary ingredients in a profitable business. Regularly communicating with all your employees is vital, especially concerning factors like performance expectations, strengths, development opportunities and compensation concerns. Senior Consultants at Gallup state, “It is crucial for businesses to have systems in place to identify, recognize, reward, and retain their top performers to achieve sustainable growth.”


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