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Emirate Airline Engineer Salary

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Emirates Airlines is an international airline company based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The airline attracts employees from all over the world, including flight crews and engineers, for its lucrative fringe benefits and tax-friendly pay options. Engineers and other employees working with Emirates Airlines usually live in Dubai while working for the company, which increases available salary benefits.

Tax-free Base Salary

Engineers or other employees working for Emirates Airlines based out of Dubai earn tax-free base salaries. The exact amount of money engineers receive depends on the employee's specific roles within the airline's engineering department and the particular experience each worker brings to the position. According to The Emirates Group Career Centre website, the airline compares engineer and other employee salaries to the prevailing wage in each employee's corresponding industry and adjusts the wage to remain competitive. To provide context, as of May 2010, the mean annual wage of aerospace engineers in the United States was $99,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The mean annual salaries of aircraft mechanics and service technicians in the United States was $53,280 during the same time period. Engineers or other employees working for Emirates Airlines must pass an initial six-month probationary period to remain on staff.

Transportation and Accommodation Allowance

All employees traveling to Dubai to join Emirates Airlines, including engineers, may choose from two accommodation options for housing. Each of these options provides a base monetary amount to pay for monthly private housing costs or Emirates Airlines housing and utilities along with towels, cutlery, furnishing for homes and bed linens. All engineers also receive an annual economy travel voucher, which is upgradable to business class, to visit family anywhere in the world. Emirate Airlines also may provide local transportation for eligible employees, including engineers, provided the employees can obtain a Dubai driver's license.

Profit-sharing Scheme

Emirates Airlines provides a profit-sharing scheme for all employees, including engineers, who complete the qualifying period and are full-time employees of the company. This allows each employee to share in the success of Emirates Airlines and earn additional money on top of tax-free salaries. The amount each employee receives from the company's profit-sharing scheme depends on Emirates Airlines' overall level of success for the particular financial year.

Exchange-rate Protection

The Exchange Rate Protection Scheme available for employees of Emirates Airlines, including engineers, protects 50 percent of basic salary from any adverse exchange fluctuations between Dubai's currency and employee home currencies. This helps ensure employees don't lose a large amount of money for simply wishing to exchange pay into the currency of their home countries to send home to family members. At publication, the exchange-rate protection policy for Emirates Airlines did not apply to currencies pegged to the U.S. dollar.


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