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Careers in the Country Music Industry

Country music fans can turn their fandom into a career by seeking out jobs in Nashville's Music City and beyond. Though the glitz and glamour of country music might be reserved for top country artists, jobs exist at every level of the industry, requiring a range of skill sets. Competition might be high to secure these much-desired positions, but a willingness to start from the bottom up and network within the blossoming country music field can turn country music dreams into a reality.


Although country music singers receive the most fanfare, their success would not exist if it weren't for a dedicated team of musicians to help them on tours and in the studio. Guitar players and backup singers are a necessity for country music artists, and these positions can be rewarding while maintaining a private life that the lead singers have to give up. Musicians travel with artists on tour, playing in large arenas, small clubs and even on television.


Individuals with an ear for good music but perhaps without the interest in being a country music star can find their place in the industry by working as a record producer. With six top record companies along Nashville's Music Row, including Sony, MCA and RCA, producers have a number of job opportunities in the country music capital. Producers manage a country music artist's recording session, ensuring a song's success. These individuals might also help select songs for an album or even write them.

Grand Ole Opry Jobs

Nashville's Grand Ole Opry is the hallmark of country music, where artists have performed for decades. Country music lovers can look for positions at the Grand Ole Opry, where they can work behind the scenes to help produce country music shows at this historic venue. The Opry's jobs change over time, but individuals can find jobs in ticket sales, event marketing or show setup. Another option is to choose a position as a tour guide, where you walk visitors through this venue made famous by country music.

Event Promoter

Individuals who love to attend country music concerts can turn this passion into a career in the industry. Working as an event promoter for a venue, like a country nightclub or large arena, exposes the individual to the country music industry by allowing him to market and promote upcoming country concerts. Alternatively, some concerts might hire promoters to go from city to city to advertise their tour.


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