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Benefits of Marine Biologists

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Marine biologists, sometimes called oceanographers, study the aquatic life of animals, plants and microbes. They get to travel to different parts of the world to learn more about the fascinating life under the water. If you love science, underwater creatures, and researching life, then consider a career as a marine biologist. The benefits are never ending in this special field.

Studying the Wonderous World of Marine Life

Traveling to exotic places, spending time in ships or submarines and staying in nice hotels all over the world are just some of the benefits of being a marine biologist. Many times marine biologists get to go on expeditions for a few months to such places as Aruba, Cuba and the Philippines. Then when finished they may get to take a few months off until their next assignment.

Marine biologists get to study marine life using state of the art science equipment. Underwater gear, cameras and high tech computer systems.

Working to Benefit the Next Generation

Marine biologists work to make our world better. When a biologist does discover something that will change marine life for the better, whether it involves the animals themselves or their environment, it is rewarding.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, starting salaries in 2009 averaged $33,254 a year for wild life biologists who had a bachelor's degree.

Other Benefits

Marine biologists can expect to receive medical benefits, paid vacations, sick days, 401k or other retirement savings plan. They may also receive bonuses or other types of benefits depending on their employer.

Educational Grants

There are educational grants that can help a marine biologist continue on with their education. A bachelor's degree is good to have for a beginner marine biologist, but eventually they may want to get a master's or doctorate degree, which can mean more monetary benefits and other opportunities for career advancement.


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