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Code of Ethics for Medical Assistants

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A medical assistant works in conjunction with other health care workers. The day-to-day nature of their job is to perform administrative and clinical tasks that will keep a medical office operating smoothly. Due to the atmosphere of the work, a code of ethics is a necessity just like any other medical profession. The American Association of Medical Assistants set forth a set of principles known as the Code of Ethics.


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"To render service with full respect for the dignity of humanity."

Section A of the Code of Ethis for medical assistants means that a medical assistant will perform job duties with respect to the patient, life and rights as a human being. This section is what is supposed to hold the medical assistant to a higher standard to where he does not perform unnecessary procedures just to bring in more money for the hospital or office, or work with a patient while intoxicated or impaired in any way.


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"To respect confidential information obtained through employment unless legally authorized or required by responsible performance of duty to divulge such information."

This portion of the Code of Ethics prohibits a medical assistant from invading a patient's privacy. Any and all information the medical assistant learns about a patient in the course of assisting them must remain between them alone. Unless the patient legally authorizes the medical assistant to share their medical issues or treatments with someone, the medical assistant must keep the information confidential.


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"To uphold the honor and high principles of the profession and accept its disciplines."

This section basically means that by agreeing to this Code of Ethics, the medical assistant will give her best job performance day in and day out. She will obide by all legal and ethical rules as well as all other expectations of the job.


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"To seek to continually improve the knowledge and skills of medical assistants for the benefit of patients and professional colleagues."

By agreeing to this portion of the Code of Ethics, the medical assistant is saying that this is not the end of his education. He will continually strive to obtain more knowledge and grow in skill levels to benefit the patients and to help better assist colleagues.


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"To participate in additional service activities aimed toward improving the health and well-being of the community"

This section of the code maintains that the medical assistant is not just done at the end of their scheduled work day. She should strive to be active in the community, participating in community events where the medical assistant could share knowledge on health practices with others.


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