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Engine Room Wiper Job Description

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The number of responsibilities in the engine room of a ship are many, most of them requiring skill and training. The position of an engine room wiper is the one occupation open to individuals with no formal education or training. In this position, you have the opportunity to learn what life on a ship is like while gaining valuable knowledge to help you advance in your career.

Engine Wiper Responsibilities

An engine wiper performs basic maintenance and support tasks. You clean the engine room, wipe down painted surfaces, paint as needed, and keep all tools clean and ready for use. When engine repair or overhauling needs to be done, you lend a hand and learn all you can. You should familiarize yourself with nautical terms, because you're be a seaman, first and foremost. As of 2014, engine wipers average between $1,000 and $1,200 a month, according to Maritime Connector. With time and experience, you may advance into the position of oiler and be responsible for greasing the moving components of the engine. Oilers average up to $1,600 a month.


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