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Township Supervisor Job Description

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a township supervisor serves on a board that oversees the running of a township. As part of the community's government, these individuals are responsible for setting and enacting policies and resolutions, levying taxes and setting budgets. They are elected to their posts and are therefore viewed as community leaders.

Primary Duties

A township supervisor helps formulate township policies and supervise their enactment. She participates in the development and approval of the township budget as well as the hiring of municipal employees. As a member of the township board, she casts her vote on community issues. She also responds to complaints of township residents and moderates township meetings. Some township supervisors are also employed directly by the township and take on the administrative duties of a secretary or treasurer.

Additional Responsibilities

The township supervisor may be asked to carry out other duties delegated to him by the township board. These may include maintenance of township equipment and supplies and making purchases or authorizing purchases on behalf of the township. He may also be called upon to ensure that all township ordinances are adhered to.

Desirable Skills and Attributes

A township supervisor should have good leadership skills. She should be organized, have good time management skills, be innovative and be able to work well under pressure. A township supervisor should be able to work with a team and have good interpersonal skills.


Township supervisor is an elective post. To serve in this position, a person must be 18 years or older and be a registered voter in the township. Most townships require that the candidate have lived continuously for a given length of time in the township before they are eligible to run. The duration varies from one township to another. There are no specific educational qualifications for this position.

Working Conditions

The township supervisor’s job is mostly office based. However, supervision of construction and other township government operations may require the township supervisor to travel within the township.

Job Outlook

Positions for township supervisors only occur upon resignation of previous township supervisors or upon the removal of a supervisor from the board. Those aspiring for these positions should ensure that they have made a good reputation within the township to increase their chances of getting elected.


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