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Shot Girl Job Description

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In most bars, the bar owners and managers need a little help getting drinks to the customers who are at serving areas other than the main bar counter. Some of these bars, particularly bars within nightclubs, employ shot girls to handle this task. These girls, also known as shooter girls, don't have as much responsibility as upper bar staff members do, but they still have to act in a professional manner while on the job.

General Duties

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According to a job description from Clevelander South Beach, shot girls bring alcoholic drinks to the guests of the bar and make sure the guests are satisfied with those beverages. In some bars, shot girls literally serve only shots, which is where the title position originates, but most bars extend the serving duties to all beverages. Shot girls clean the server stations and keep an adequate supply of condiments at each one. They may enter sales in the bar's transaction system and give the guests their receipts. It is the responsibility of shot girls to make sure the beverages have appropriate garnishes and to validate the age of those drinking via identification checks. They also may assist with opening and closing procedures.


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Shot girls have to be at least 18 years of age due to state requirements that prevent minors from serving alcohol. A high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient, although employers see sales experience as a benefit.


Bar life
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Shot girls have to have excellent interpersonal skills, since they have to interact with customers one on one. They should be able to keep track of orders and requests mentally and multitask between stations. Shot girls also need good physical coordination so that they can handle many drinks at a time without spilling anything and so that they can work around customers easily. A positive, fun-loving attitude is strongly desirable to keep the atmosphere of the bar light and relaxed.

Work Environment

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Shot girls usually have to work evenings or nights, although some bars have afternoon shifts. Shot girls have to be on their feet for most of the time they work and may be exposed to hazards such as cigarette smoke (this may change as more states pass anti-smoking laws), bar fights, loud music and demanding or sexually aggressive customers. They constantly face offers to drink and have to deal with customers who are drunk.


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As a shot girl, you won't earn much in terms of your hourly wage but, like most wait staff, you can add to that from tips. Shot girls receive tips that usually equal or exceed their hourly wage. Shot girls may not be eligible for benefits like health care coverage because they don't always work full time – many work only a few shifts a week.